5 Ways To Use Propane In Your Home & Save Money

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When people think of energy costs, they often think about paying the electrical or the natural gas bill. However, when it comes to providing your home with the energy that it needs to get things done, there is another energy source you can use — propane. Propane is a safe energy source and is often more affordable to use than electricity or natural gas. Here are five ways you can use propane and save on your energy costs, in your home.

#1 Install a Propane Clothing Dryer

Your clothing dryer is one of the many energy-draining appliances in your home. Most people assume they have to install an electric dryer in their home. However, there are actually propane clothing dryers that you can purchase and install in your home. Not only do these driers rely on propane, an affordable energy source, they dry clothes quicker than electrical dryers, saving you both time as well as money on energy costs.

#2 Invest in a Generator

If you live anywhere where the power tends to go out whenever a strong windstorm or other weather event passes through your area, investing in an generator is a smart choice. When you invest in a generator, invest in one that can be powered by propane. That way, if you ever lose power to your home, you can simply set up the propane generator. You can use the propane generator to operator your appliances and medical devices and provide you with general power during a power outage.

#3 Switch Your Cooking Power Source

Next, if your oven or cooktop relies on gas to power it, consider switching to propane over natural gas. With propane, you will spend less money powering your oven. You will also enjoy instant flames and better heat control, which will help reduce your cooking times while improving the quality of your cooking.

#4 Power Your Water Heater

You can also power your water heater with propane. Water heaters demand between fifteen to twenty percent of your home's total energy output each year. Switching to propane will allow you to switch to a more affordable energy output.

#5 Heat Up Your Home

Finally, one of the best uses of propane is to use it to heat up your home. You can use propane to power your furnace, boiler, or a propane heater. Propane costs significantly less than natural gas or oil to heat up your home.

If you want to save some money on your energy bills, switch as many appliances over to propane heat as you can. Propane is a safe and affordable energy alternative and can be used to power your furnace, water heater, stove, dryer, and even your generator.


26 December 2019

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